In Memory of My Very Dear Friend,
Juanita "Nita" Harrison
Born On June 28, 1958 - Went Home To Be With The Lord On May 3, 2008

People come and go throughout your lifetime; but sometimes someone very special comes
along, and you know you are friends for a lifetime.  Such was my friendship with Nita
Harrison.  We met in the mid-90's through our mutual love of motorcycling.  Nita always
brought out the best in me.  We laughed, we cried, and we comforted each other.  During the
last few years she had suffered a terrible bout with cancer, and I had taken on more jobs than
I knew what to do with; so our contact became less in number, but not in quality when we did
get to chat.  She had beat the cancer, and we had talked about having to get together soon.  
Unfortunately, that reunion was not to be.  Nita went to be with the Lord after a heart attack
on Saturday, May 3, 2008.  This was one of the saddest days in my whole life---not for Nita,
for I now feel at peace that she is in Heaven; but for me, at the loss of such a great friend.  I
will never, ever, forget the fun we had when we were all together.  No money could ever buy
such wonderful memories.

I'm posting the photos on this page in honor of Nita, who loved Harry (& Betty Boop!); and is
now riding in the arms of the angels.  Ride on, my dear friend, I'll see you again one of these
days.   Love ya!
A Tribute To Nita
Barnett Bail Bonds &
Mid-Missouri Fugitive Recovery, L.L.C.