SURETY BONDS:  Surety Bonds are written to protect the Court's interest in a Defendant
appearing in Court, just as an insurance policy is written to protect your interest in loss to your
property. When a Bail Bond Agent writes a Surety Bond, they are guaranteeing that the
Defendant will appear in Court. For that reason, when you are bailed out of jail, you will be
asked to provide information as to your family, employer, and property. These are not just
nosy questions---they are required so that we can keep in touch with you at any time. You are
required to provide accurate information to your Bail Bond Agent.

CASH BONDS:  Cash Bonds are just THAT---if you are required to post a Cash Bond, you or
someone in your behalf will have to pay CASH ONLY at the jail for this type bond. They will not
accept checks, credit cards, or other methods of payment. When you post a Cash Bond, you
are "putting your money" on the Defendant appearing in Court. At this time, Barnett Bail
Bonds does NOT write Cash Bonds.   

Fugitive Recovery provides services to other Bail Bond Agents to assist in recovery of
"skips". Our Recovery Agents are trained and licensed by the State of Missouri in accordance
with new State Law which went into effect January 1, 1005.  We are Certified by the National
Institute of Bail Enforcement (N.I.B.E.), Member of National Enforcement Agency, and
Subsidiary of Fugitive Recovery Task Force, L.L.C.  We are familiar with our area, professional
in our procedures, and have an extremely high recovery rate.  

PRISONER TRANSPORT:  We provide prisoner transport services from one location to
another, either as an intermediary or primary transporter.

PROCESS SERVERS: This service is provided to attorneys needing a Special Process Server
for legal pleadings or subpoenaes.  

INVESTIGATIONS:  Investigatory services are provided only after discussion of the situation
requiring those services and a brief background verification thereof.  Contact us for more

All of our services are provided at reasonable rates.  Please feel free to contact us about any of
our services!!!  

Barnett Bail Bonds & Mid-Missouri Fugitive Recovery, L.L.C.  

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Barnett Bail Bonds &
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