Check out the following links to resources for helpful information:

Missouri Revised Statutes  The Missouri Revised Statutes are the law in the State of Missouri.  

Missouri Net

At the Missouri Net site you can read about Capital Punishment Cases in Missouri, get the latest Missouri news,
and listen to Legislative Audio.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Online Crash Reports

View Missouri State Highway Patrol Crash Reports Statewide, current for the past 29 days

St. Francois County Sheriff's Department

This is a great site for information on St. Francois County Warrant Arrests (updated weekly), St. Francois
County's "Most Wanted", the Department's Programs, Links to other Departments, and many other interesting
and informational pages.

Missouri Judiciary Home Page  & Link to Case.Net

The Missouri Judiciary Home Page lists all Circuit and Appellate Courts in the State, with links at the top to
addresses and telephone numbers of the Courts.   At the Case.Net area you can get information on criminal, civil,
and traffic cases, as well as Estates, in Missouri Counties.  Though mosts counties lists their cases here, not all
counties are online at this time; however, they are expected to be in the near future.

Missouri State Government Home Page

The Missouri State Government Home Page will lead you to anything you need to know about our State

The Missouri Bar

If you need to find an attorney in Missouri, get general legal information, or have a problem with an attorney, this
Site can help.

City of Park Hills  Read about the home town of Barnett Bail Bonds & Mid-Missouri Fugitive Recovery,
L.L.C.---a great place to live!

Missouri Department of Corrections

The Missouri Department of Corrections Site will give you information on the State Correctional Centers, the
Department of Probation of Parole, and information which may be helpful if you have a friend or loved one who is

If you are a bail bond agent or fugitive recovery agent, this site can be very helpful to you.  The forums section is
a place to interact with others and gain information and resources to help with your business needs.  
Membership is free, and you must join to take part in the forums.

Park Hills-Leadington Chamber of Commerce  If you need to find a business in our area, or are a
business needing to establish in the area, be sure to check out our Chamber Web Site.


The Vinelink.Com site is a valuable resource to the victims of crime, the families of inmates, and the bail bond
agents and fugitive recovery agents.  This website gives you information on inmate status in various states..  
From the main page, you simply click on the state you want to locate an inmate in, type in their name on the
following page and hit "Enter".   You can then view the list of inmates in that state with that name and the status
of their incarceration.  You can also request to be notified if their inmate status changes.
Barnett Bail Bonds &
Mid-Missouri Fugitive Recovery, L.L.C.